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    10 Amazing Facts About Cats

    Just like you, we also thought that we knew almost everything about cats. But it was a bummer that blew off when we did some research to bring you 10 amazing facts about cats. Some of the information mentioned in this piece of writing will blow your mind away.

    We have gathered these amazing facts to amaze you, but some facts will also help you take care of your kitty well. By reading these facts, you will be able to understand your furry friends more and respond accordingly. So without making further ado, let's start with the amazing facts about the most loving beings in the world.

    1. People Who Went To College Will Go for a Cat More Than Other Pets

    This might seem like a myth or a wish of an ailurophile (the person who loves cats). But that's a scientific fact which the University of Bristol discovered. The researchers surveyed 3000 people and gathered information about their degrees, pets, and geography. The results were amazing that the people who go to college or have a college degree were 1.36 times more prone to have cats as pets. Their degree has nothing to do with this phenomenon.

    Some explanations for this fact are that accomplished people with busy routines cannot have dogs or other animals with high-maintenance needs. The cats are also better companions who don't ask you to take them out on daily walks and exercise. All they want is some time and food from you to give you the most fulfilled relationship you can imagine.

    2. Your Cat Could Be Allergic To You

    No, there is no typing mistake; you read it right. There are a lot of people who think the fact mentioned above is the other way around. But the real thing is that according to vets and experts, there are 1 in 200 chances that your cat is allergic to you or because of you. According to news on national geographic, cat asthma could be the indication of this allergy.

    Vets and experts reveal that the people who tend to smoke more in the presence of cats are making their feline companion allergic and asthmatic. Dandruff, dust, and human dander is also the reason for the cat being allergic. So if you love your cat next time, avoid smoking in their presence and keep your house neat and clean for them to live a happy and healthy life.

    3. Purring Helps Bone Density

    Purring is the way of cat telling you that she likes you is not scientifically proven yet. They do purring when you are not even around. The vibration they make to create a purring sound is something they need to have healthy bones. Cats spend almost 60 to 70 % of their time sleeping and doing nothing (it is a wish of most humans, but you cannot afford that).

    Well, according to an assistant professor at the School of Veterinary Medicine at the University of California, cats purr to enhance their bone density. Cats spend most of the time doing nothing, and they need some low-energy physical activity to keep their muscles and bones active and fit. The purring between 25 and 150 Hertz is just the thing they need as the substitute to exercise.

    4. Cats Nose Has Catnip Receptors

    You might enjoy how the cat loves to get high on catnip. Cat parents often offer this treat to their cats to help ward off stress symptoms. This herb has the most magical effect and benefits for the cat. But there is a catch cats who don't have a specialized receptor in their nose do not get affected by nepetalactone.

    Not every cat has that receptor; well, according to vets and experts, this condition is hereditary where most cats don't get affected by catnip or get high. Want to find out if your cat is the one to get affected or not, offer some and have some. If your cat rolls on the ground, rubs her head, and behaves like she is high, as some people on weed, the cat has that receptor.

    5. Cats Probably Hate Random Music

    Cats don't like music as you see some canine friends do. Some various studies and researches reveal that dogs love music, and some tunes help them release stress. The canine mind receives tone in a different way than cats. According to a study, you won't see promising results of regular music on cats.

    But there is something you can do to make them fall in love with music. Music for Cats is an album that the artist David Teie made for cats with the help of an animal scientist. This album will make them move with the groove and enjoy the music as you do to the fullest. So next time when you want them to have fun and joy, play this album and let the magic begin.

    6. A Cat Has Also Went To Space

    A celebrity canine went to space, which most people knew from their childhood in space. But not everyone knows that a cat has also been to space following the footstep of the canine compatriot. It was October 18, 1963, when the French scientists sent a cat into space.

    French scientists launched Félicette, a cat, into space with the help of a rocket. The two-way mission was destined to bring the cat on earth with the help of a parachute. As most cats do when falling, this space cat also landed on its paw after the re-entry to the earth from space. So next time you see your cat, give them a salute as they have a relative who has been to space.

    7. Cats Have a Kitty Radar

    The presence of the whiskers on their ace is not only for making them look cute. These whiskers are embedded deep down inside the cat's body to the bones and muscular system. These hair are connected with the sensory nerves and muscular systems. They offer a unique feature for the cat to work as radars, especially in the dark.

    Cats can sense any change in the environment with the help of these whiskers. Most of the time, you will see that a tiny sound and movement is not left unnoticed by the cats, thanks to the special ears and this specialized kitty radar made out of whiskers. If you call your cat and she doesn't come, don't bother because this cute brat is simply ignoring you, and there is nothing wrong with their hearing system.

    8. Cats Are More Genetically Close To Tigers

    Contrary to common belief, cats don't share their DNA with lions as much as they do with tigers. No, you don't need to worry about it; your domesticated cat will keep behaving the same way as they are doing after knowing this fact. According to research, domestic cats share 95.6% of their DNA with tigers.

    Domesticated cats have habits and behavior closer to tigers than the lion in the jungle. The scent and urine markings are the two innate behaviors that tigers do in the wild. Your domesticated cat also does the same two things in your house to show the similarity with its ancestors. According to experts and animal behavior specialists, prey stalking and pouncing on the prey of cats is almost the same as tigers.

    9. Cats Can't Taste Sweets

    Well, this might be something for the cat parents who want to offer sweet treats to their feline friends. Cats are not designed by nature to taste sweet at all. These apex predators are equipped with state-of-the-art wild technology like whiskers, ears, saber teeth, and retractable claws. But they miss the sense to taste sweet.

    Your feline companion will love to share a bite if you are eating meat loaded dish. But a cake or some other sweet dish is nothing but extra boring stuff to their taste buds. The use of sweet treats is not of any help, but if you are getting benefits, it is because of positive reinforcement, not the sugar itself.

    10. For Cats Small Spaces Are Like Womb

    Cats love to cuddle up in small spaces and boxes; we all know that. But do you know why cats prefer small spaces and boxes to spend time in there? Well, according to research, there are some obvious reasons for this behavior. The most important one is that cats consider the small space as their mother's womb where they have nothing to fear.

    Scientists also reveal that small spaces give a sense of safety and absence of danger to cats. In winter, cats don't have to use much energy to generate body heat in small spaces. The sense of safety and owning the place makes them stress-free and happy.

    Over to you

    We are certain that you have enjoyed these 10 amazing facts about cats backed by science. But you must ensure to keep your kitty away from cigarette smoke and dust to ensure their health. Having a cat is a responsibility which you must fulfill by regular vet visits and good food. Share this information with your friends to make them love their kitties more than they could.

    Article by Dr. Saba Afzal
    Doctor Of Veterinary Medicine

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    Kathleen Buchanan calendar_today

    That was interesting reading, I have one ginger cat thank you for your reached I don’t think anyone knows about the cat being sent to space 😀

    Kathleen Buchanan calendar_today

    That was interesting reading, I just ha

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