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    First Time Dog Owner's Guide –Ultimate Essential Checklist


    Are you going to have a dog for the first time? If so, it can be very exciting for you, and you will be madly in love with your new furry friend.

    However, getting a new dog will take a lot of preparation. When you adopt a dog, be sure to meet his basic needs. If you satisfy your pup's needs and give him everything he needs to be happy and healthy, in the end, you will get a well-behaved dog. Other than that, you have to spend time with your new friend and bond with him.

    In this sense, your vet can help you a lot and give you the best tips for raising a puppy and how you can become the best dog parent. A talk with a vet before having a dog and afterward is worth a lot.

    The critical thing to keep in mind is to look for the source from which you get a dog because it will significantly impact your dog's well-being. Always get a dog from a reliable source at first, it will cost you a lot, but it will save you a lot of money in the long run.

    Here in this guide, we will discuss all the basic things a new dog owner should know before getting a dog and an essential checklist.

    Do Your Research  

    Before getting a four-legged friend, the first and foremost thing is to do a lot of research on them. Try to learn everything about a dog before saying that you are ready to get a dog. Preparing for a dog means understanding your dog's physical and mental requirements and also deciding that you are prepared for this long-term commitment.

    This is important as your new puppy is entirely dependent on you, as you have friends and family, but for your dog, "he has nothing but you."

    When adopting a dog, be sure to get one that fits easily into your life. You have to think about it with a broad mind and look at the bigger picture. You have family and neighbors; the area you live in has restrictions. So looking for a suitable breed, in the beginning, will help you adjust to the family and the area you live in. You can consult with your vet about the breed that is perfectly suited to your lifestyle.

    What To Expect When A New Dog Comes Home

    When you adopt a puppy or adult dog, you should give them some time to adjust to the new home and the people. Prepare yourself from the beginning as you will also have to face many things in the first days and be patient. It is usually seen that dogs are often scared or overly excited when moving into a new home. You will also see signs of fear and anxiety in your puppy.

    Some dogs will appear relaxed as they don't care about the situation and get used to it after a few days. These dogs gain confidence in no time and begin to behave as if they are a family member for a long time.

    Adult dogs often need more time to adjust to the new place, mainly if they previously lived in a shelter. Puppies, compared to them, can easily adapt but require house training. Usually, it will be a few months before your pup and you fully understand each other. Making a complete plan before getting a dog will help you get off to a good start.

    Essential Checklist- Shopping List For First-Time Dog Owners

    As you plan to adopt a new puppy, there are a few essential things to buy first. This list of items is a must-have shopping list before you get a new puppy.


    Nutrition is an important part of dog health. A puppy should be weaned around 4-5 weeks and after that you should feed him his favorite moist or dry food. The number of feedings can be 3 to 4 at the beginning and when they reach adulthood, feed them twice a day in the morning and at night. However make sure to always select the food that is made according to the guidelines of AAFCO.

    Choosing a Dog Training Class

    Adopting a dog means you have to train him according to your lifestyle. You can teach them personally or take the help of any professional. You can also take them to dog training classes since they will learn in a suitable environment from the hands of experts. Before having a puppy, you can find a good trainer near your home; you can get advice or take their professional services to train your puppy.

    Before booking any class for your puppy, the best idea is to see how they train a dog. It will give you mental satisfaction. There are some points to keep in mind in selecting a good training class:

    • A trainer must be friendly to dogs.
    • The environment should be calm enough so that there are no over-excited dogs in training.
    • The trainer must be able to handle the number of dogs.
    • Dogs should not be allowed to play uncomfortably.
    • Training methods should be reward-based.

    Beware of trainers who use aggressive methods like choke collars, pinch collars, and other physical punishments and training equipment to train a dog. In the case of a sensitive dog, these methods are stressful and very painful.

    Primarily, the expert recommends looking for puppy training schools and dog training associations for this purpose. If you are still not satisfied with these trainers, it is best to take a video course of dog training classes and train your dog yourself.

    Find A Vet

    The most important thing is to find the best vet for your dog. The reason is that this is the place you will take your dog most often. Your vet must be competent to guide you through the difficulties you will face when you get a new dog. Finding a great vet with good staff and equipment is a blessing. If you find a good vet, consult him from time to time to learn new things.

    Follow Vaccination Schedule

    Vaccinating your puppy is one of the most important things you can do for their health. Puppies are typically vaccinated at eight and ten weeks with a second vaccine being given two to four weeks later, but speak with your vet about when they recommend it best takes place as well as what kind of booster vaccinations should be administered in order to keep them safe.


    Getting a new dog can be an excellent or stressful experience, but if you follow the expert guidance mentioned above, I hope you will stay happy and enjoy yourself with your new furry friend. The choice of pet products should always bet on quality. Twee Paws has listened to your needs and now offers a wide range of reasonably priced pet products! Check our products now! 

    Article by Dr. Tahira Mukhtar
    DVM Certified veterinarian


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