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How to increase the life expectancy of your cat?


Well, who wouldn't want to have the longevity of their beloved feline companion? But you must understand that if you are willing to do it, you must be committed throughout your life. It is in your hand to increase the average age of your cat and easily stretch it to over 19 or 20 years without any severe medical issue.
If you are willing to commit, read along and follow these routines as cat bible to have them live a merrier extended life.

Keep them Inside

First of all, you must ensure that your feline companion spends most of the time inside the house. If you are conscious about their health and life, be a strict warden and not allow any escape behavior but love and compassion. If your cat goes out, the chances of eating spicy food and infected animals to make them sick and vulnerable get over the chart. Do this favor on yourself and keep them inside as much as you can.

Cat Safe Plants

First-time cat parents might not notice that various plants are not safe for cats. Lilies are poisonous for them. You must ensure that you have the cat's favorite grass planted in your house so they can feast upon them. The fresh grass is a natural healer and solves most of the gastric problems of your beloved feline. Click here to know about the poisonous and healthy plants for your loving cat.

Get them Spayed or Neuter

There are various scientific benefits involved with neutering or spaying your cat. When you have them neutered, you have decreased the chances of breast cancer and various other hormonal imbalances. The chemical imbalance in their body is a magnet for numerous other diseases. And making them go through this procedure will add 2 to 4 years to their average life span.

Regular Vet visits

We don't need to remind you that regular vet visits are of great significance in the paradigm of cat longevity. The inclusion of this point here is to remind you that you should never compromise on pet health. Your vet will pre-diagnose the symptoms and health issues that might affect the lifespan of your cat. The early diagnosis and treatment is a lifesaver and a plus point for longer life.

Daily Brushing

This might seem a bit over-rated to some of you. But the cat's parents know that every cat needs affection from the parent. Daily brushing will not only keep the dead hair away, provide the shiny coat, but it will also let you know about any lump, swelling, or any other issue in their body. When you touch their body daily, you will understand body temperature and any abnormality in their body to have an early prognosis and care.

Vigilant eye on Weight and Food

When cats age increases, you must know that you need to offer them less food with healthy protein and fewer carbs. By keeping a vigilant eye on their daily food consumption will let you know about their gastric health. The feline's weight tends to increase if the cat suffers from arthritis, mobility issues, or going towards old age. Please keep track of their weight and write it down after every two weeks to have real data. An increase in weight will make them susceptible to diabetes, arthritis, and various other severe medical conditions. Offer them physical and mental exercise to try to keep them engaged, happy and healthy.

Never Offer them Your Food

Puss in boots can make you relate to what magical effect these eyes have on people's hearts. But don't fall for the trap when you are eating something delicious with meat in it. Your cat would love to share your food, but the spices, salt, and other ingredients could be poisonous for their consumption. Avoid giving them your food and stick to the diet plan made by the vet.

Love and Care

This is the most magical thing you can give to your feline companion, and it is always helpful in longevity. The unconditional love and care will increase their lifespan and help them ward off diseases with improvised immunity. The special attention and care with love will help them stay fit and healthy by all means.

Over to You

We have shared the most significant expert shared techniques and tips for the longevity of your cat. All you need is commitment and some passion for getting the maximum out of your relationship. The pets have a positive impact on the mood and immunity of the parents as well. If you can also cast your magic on the feline companion, you can have the same longevity effect on them. Regular care, grooming, and attending to their needs will increase their life and help you have more out of everything you got.

Article by Dr. Saba Afzal
Doctor Of Veterinary Medicine



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