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    How to Train Your Dog to Poop and Pee in the Right Place



    A new puppy or a dog doesn't know where they should do the dirty business in their new dwelling. Getting a puppy or a dog home will let you grapple with several different challenges as well. The most significant one should be making your canine buddy know about the right place to poop and pee. It is not a one-step single-day process. Some puppies will learn it right away, and others might test your limits of patience and consistency. But with the help of appropriate products and the right strategies, you can master this art and make your dog learn where to poop and pee.

    Let’s start the process with the most suitable product to begin the training:

    Lawn Poop Dog Training Mat

    If you live in an apartment or a condo, training your dog to potty in the right place becomes tricky. You might not have the right place to let your dog answer nature`s call. Using newspaper or some old cloth might not be an unhygienic option. This fake lawn training mat is the perfect product that offers your dog a natural habitat for stimulation and execution. Your dog will love t do potty and pee on this economical fake lawn mat.

    Just for 39,99 dollars, you get a piece of fake lawn that is washable and comes with a tray to hold the urine. All the pieces are washable, and you can clean them with anti-bacterial anti-odor sprays. An organic scent on the fake grass attracts the dogs and makes the training process a piece of cake. Your dog will love to pee and poop on this portable mate wherever you place it.

    Toilet training process

    According to the experts, the toilet training process starts from Day 1 of your new puppy or dog. Let’s explore the training process and know the most authentic strategies to get the work done.

    Day 1

    According to the canine behavior experts, the toilet training process must begin from day 1. You should be focused on giving the correct information to the dog. Close the no-go zone for your dog and restrict the access by placing obstructions for your dog. Your bedroom and upstairs areas where the dog must not pee or poop should be restricted from day 1. Your dog mustn't be allowed to explore these areas on its own. Experts say that when you limit the areas and don't allow your pet to explore the whole house, you minimize the chances of doing pee or poop there. From the day one place this product in your house and your new dog will get attracted beasue of organic smell and natural texture to poop and pee on it.

    Read about your dog`s habits

    Now, this is something which you must do while bringing your new friend home. All the dogs have different habits and routines. When you do some research and read about the breed from authentic sources, things will become easy. This research will empower you to know and decipher the clues and cues before they poop and pee. Moreover, you will also learn how to endow new habits easily in your new buddy according to their disposition.

    Interrupt the accident

    On the first day, you will witness the dog doing the pee or poop at the most un-appropriate place. You could shout no in a loud voice to make them feel that this act is not appropriate. Interrupt them while doing pee or poop and take them to the place you want them to use for this dirty business.

    Clean the pee or poop

    Once you have interrupted your dog from doing pee and poop at an unappropriated place, you need to do more. You must clean the poop and pee from that area by using robust cleaners to remove the odor and scent from that place. Because if your dog finds the smell of poop, they will repeat the pooping process and will make you suffer more.

    Reserve a spot

    Reserving a spot or placing this product will be the most merciful thing you can do to yourself. With the help of this product, you can reserve a spot and make your dog learn to pee and poop without creating a mess inside the house.

    Make it a rewarding process

    The best strategy to make your dog learn a new habit is to reward them after every successful attempt. When you reward your dog with positive reinforcement or with some treat, you are infusing this new habit into your dog. Your canine buddy will learn to poop and pee in the reserved place with the help of rewards and positive reinforcement.

    Make it clear that patience is the key to success, and you must remain positive throughout the process.

    Over to you

    This fake lawn product is the most economical and useful thing you can offer to your canine buddy. With the help of this product, within days, you can make your dog poop and pee in the right place. This washable and hygienic product is safe for use. The quality material is suitable for extended use. With these strategies and the fake lawn, you can make your dog poop and pee in a very place that is safe, healthy, and appropriate.



    Article by Dr. Saba Afzal
    Doctor Of Veterinary Medicine


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