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    Tips For Travelling With Your Dog



    Do you find yourself wondering what to do with your dog when travelling? Do you worry about how they will behave or if they will be able to handle the trip? If so, this blog post is for you!

    We have compiled a list of tips and tricks that can make travelling with your pup easier. These are just a few of the many things we cover in our blog, so please check us out for more helpful information!

    Arrange pet-related documents

    Taking a trip abroad and not sure if your dog is ready for adventure? Well, as it turns out, you need to make them travel-ready with the proper documentation. For starters, keep their health records on hand so you can prove that they're vaccinated and healthy, just like humans do when we have our passports.

     If there's ever an emergency overseas or even in another country where you might be visiting new vets at some point along the way, then the odds are good that having those documents handy will help save time from filling out all of these forms over again.

    Go for a test drive

    Dogs have differing reactions to different journeys. Some may enjoy the trip and be calm, while others could become anxious or feel motion sick from being in a moving vehicle for too long. It is best if you take your dog on short trips first before committing them to an extended one so that they can get used to travelling with their new owner. However, always make sure they are happy and comfortable during these shorter jaunts as well.

    Bring food and water

    You'll want to pack plenty of food for the duration of your trip as well as a few extra days. If you or someone in your party is going on vacation with their dog, then be sure that they are accustomed to eating the same type of diet and not switching up their routine halfway through.

    This way, there will be no complications sometimes while travelling dietary changes being made so quickly from one environment into another which can cause stomach upsets during travel time.

    It is also recommended to bring some water bottles too because hydration must stay consistent on the trip. Otherwise, dehydration may happen during the trip.

    Travelling Accessories You must Need

    When planning to go out with your pup, there are many things that can help along the journey

    Pet locator collar

    Finding a lost pet can be an expensive and heartbreaking task. That's why there are devices that make it easier, like this pet locator collar which sends out real-time location of your Fido. It is really helpful when travelling around.

    Pet calming bed

    For those pet owners who take joy in sharing their road trips with their pets, they will want to invest in a pet calming bed for dogs. It's important that your dig has his own space in the backseat or cargo area so he won't be stressed out by being cramped up and forced into unnatural positions during an extended journey.

    Pet carrier bag

    If you are planning for a vacation one thing that wil help you a lot is pet carrier. When it comes to choosing the best carrier for a dog, why not a pet carrier bag? The road trip can be a stressful time for your animal, so it's important that they have their own private space and are able to relax during the journey. This pet carrier bag is breathable, and dogs will feel comfortable in it.

    Pet water bottle and food travelling container

    Are you tired of carrying around heavy water and food containers? These days, you can buy portable versions of Pet water bottles and food travelling container that are easy to pack away when not in use. They come in a variety of colours and store both food and water at the same time.

    Car safety belt for dogs

    This car leash that never tangles up is a must for any dog owner. The design ensures your pup's safety by preventing them from getting too close to you while driving. It also keeps them in line and works just like a seat belt.

    Spacious dog travel bag

    Built for a dog who needs to travel, this animal bag is spacious and comfortable. With multiple compartments on the inside and out, you can store all of your pup's supplies with ease so they will never be lost or taking up too much room in storage spaces again.

    Find dog friendly accommodation

    You may have finally found the perfect place to take your dog, but be sure that you're not just getting them house sitting service. So before signing anything or handing over any money ask about pet policies and how much it will cost to bring Fido with you on vacation. Some places charge a small fee for having pets in their rooms, while others charge an arm and leg because they don't allow dogs.

    Take multiples breaks during the journey

    If you're travelling by car, then make sure to take breaks every few hours. This will give your pup a chance for a potty break as well as some fresh air and exercise, which can go a long way in helping them stay calm during the trip!

    When traveling with your dog, the Dog Car Seat Cover is a must! The cover not only keeps dirt and hair off of your seats but makes it easier for both you and them to travel. It fits most cars regardless of type (car, truck or SUV), so there's no more worrying about whether they'll fit in yours when renting one on vacation!


    After reading this blog post, you should have a better understanding of how to make travelling with your dog more enjoyable. We hope that these tips will help reduce any anxiety or stress about taking your pup on the road; just remember, we've got everything you need for travel and adventure right here at our store! If you want to learn more about what sort of products we offer, be sure to browse through our inventory today!

    Article by Dr. Tahira Mukhtar
    DVM Certified veterinarian

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