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Butterfly Electric Cat Teaser Toy

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Keep your cat mentally and physically stimulated with the Butterfly Electric Cat Teaser Toy! The fun electrical toy features a durable pole that connects to a realistic butterfly that moves 360 degrees around the toy. The butterfly comes in a colorful design with real-life-like flying movements that spin and flutters around. The teaser toy is designed to attract your cat’s hunting instinct, keeping them entertained for hours while you’re working at home or away from home. All the interactive butterfly requires batteries to keep up with its movements. The toy also comes with two extra butterflies to replace each other in case your cat takes its hunting role too seriously! It’s time to upgrade your cat’s toys with our butterfly interactive toy!


  • The interactive toy provides your cat with much-needed exercise
  • Keeps your cat healthy, entertained, and active
  • Easy to set up anywhere


  • Comes with a 360-degree rotation
  • Includes two extra butterflies for replacement
  • The Butterfly glows in the night
  • Steady four-foot support base that is not easy to fall
  • Base Dimensions: 11cm x 17cm 
  • Butterfly Dimensions: 7cm x 5.5cm

How to Use: The butterfly interactive toy is ready to use when received, simply insert the wire with the butterfly clip on the top of the octopus body and make sure it has the necessary batteries before turning on.

What’s Included: Octopus Body Base, 1 Wire, 3 Ribbon Butterflies, 1 Replaceable Butterfly Clip

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