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    Smart Cat Interactive Playing Ball

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    Smart Cat Interactive Playing Ball

    Keep your pets entertained and mentally stimulated with the  Smart Cat Interactive Playing  Ball! If your cat often has destructive behavior like tearing your pillows or scratching your furniture, then oftentimes this is due to boredom. The great news is that this fun interactive ball can easily correct that. Not only does it keep them entertained, but it helps them burn excessive energy so they can take a nap after every session of playtime with the ball.

    The ball simply moves anytime the cat goes near it, often rolling or bouncing stimulating your cat’s hunting instincts! The ball even makes a sound anytime your cat slightly touches it. Each colored ball comes with a different sound, so pick the noise that attracts your cats the most! You can even fill the ball with cat nip to attract your cat to play with it!


    • Keeps your cat entertained for hours
    • Helps cat burn off energy and relieves boredom
    • Has a lightness and slow rebound that is specially designed for cats


    • High-quality ball
    • Sensitive to touch
    • Makes a sound anytime cat touches it
    • Pink Ball emits a bird sound, blue ball emits a frog sound, yellow ball emits a cricket sound
    • Can be filled with catnip
    • The diameter is 5cm 

    How to Use: Fill it with catnip and add batteries then watch as your cat plays with the ball!

    What’s Included: One Ball

    Material : EVA

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