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Summer Dog Cooling Vest

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Get your dog the stylish Summer Dog Cooling Vest! If your dog loves heading down to the beach or chilling next to the pool then the cooling vest is perfect for them. It allows them to quickly take a dip into the water with a vest that keeps them afloat and when they get it, it dries easily! Even if your pet just likes to lounge near the water without actually getting in, the vest is designed to keep them cool and protect them from the sun. The vest is designed with strategically placed padding and reflective trim. The vest is made from premium and durable material that is breathable for your furry friend. Its fabric stays cool while the fiber inside the vest absorbs water pretty well. Now there are no more excuses for not taking them with your to your next beach day or swimming lesson!


  • High-quality vest made with breathable fabric
  • Exterior crafted to protect against UVĀ 
  • Reflective trims that keep the heat away and alert others of their presence
  • Fabric underneath stays coolĀ 
  • Fast absorbing fabric in the middle for swimming pets


  • Grey vest with yellow trims on the side
  • Various sizes included for all types of dogs
  • Made of premium material

How to Use:Ā Soak it in cold water orĀ insert it inside the freezer. Wring out excess water. Simply slide the vest onto your pet and use the bucket in the bottom to adjust it.

What's Included:Ā One vest

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