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Reflective Running Traction Set

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The Reflective Running Traction Set is perfect for those who want to enjoy running with the four-legged fur baby. The set includes a long flexible pet leash that is attached to a solid comfortably padded belt around your waist. The set gives both you and your dog perfectly balanced freedom and control during your daily jogs, runs, or walks. The set even includes a pocket for your water bottle and a pouch that can be attached to the belt as well. This guarantees you have all your essential items when you go out for a jog including water while maintaining your hands-free of actually holding anything. The set is made of high-quality tear-proof fabric that is durable and is reinforced in strength. The set also includes reflective straps so that you and your pet are visible to any drivers or bicycle riders when you’re on the go. The pet’s leash also features a 360-degree rotational clip that keeps the attachment to the collar or harnesses safe and tangle-free. All the hooks are made from premium zinc alloy metal that is anti-rust and long-lasting. So what are you waiting for? Upgrade your normal dog leash to a running leash set! 


  • Promotes your dog’s to stay healthy
  • Reflective straps keep yourself and your dog safe
  • Comes with emergency hands handle in case range control is needed when running
  • Great for bonding time with your dog


  • Strong and durable metal clasp
  • Heavy-duty Belt Buckle
  • Comfortable Belt with Sponge and Reflective Strips
  • Elastic traction belt that adjusts to dog’s range of motion

How to Use: Connect the belt to your waist then connect one end of the bungee belt to the belt and the other end to your dog’s collar. Add the bottle holder and zipper pouch if necessary to the belt as well. 

What’s Included: One Waist Belt, One Bungee Belt, One Bottle Holder, and One Zipper Pouch
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