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Shampoo Shower Head Brush

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The Shampoo Shower Head Brush showers your pet and massages them all at the same time! The showerhead is easy to connect to your closest water source like a faucet, then secure the brush on your hand and turn it on! Indoor and outdoor adapters included making it easy to connect it to your indoor faucet or outdoor water tap. Watch as water pours out and gives your pet a deep relaxing shower. The 2-in-1 brush grooms and washes your pet at the same time, providing them the ultimate spa experience! Your pet will even come to appreciate their bath times with the massaging brush. Save time during bath time and be more efficient with the shower head brush!


  • Cleanses even the densest of furs
  • The brush makes bath time fun, fast and easy
  • Saves you time


  • Ergonomic design with an adjustable strap that fits all hands
  • The shower sprayer is flexible and adjusts to the palms 
  • 2.5 Meter Hose length

How to Use: Hook up the hose of the brush to your nearest water source like the bathroom sink or outside water outlet. Adjust the brush to your hand and simply use it as a showerhead while gentle scrubbing your pet's fur with it. 

What's Included: The hose and brush with two different water source adapters.

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