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Pet Ice Cooling Mat

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With summer just around the corner, it’s time to get your furry best friends their very own Pet Ice Cooling Mat! If your dog is always panting, even when the air conditioner indoors is on then this cooling mat is essential for them. After all, dogs feel the heat very differently than we do. Since they lack proper sweat glands, it takes them longer to cool down. Especially if your pet has long hair rather than short hair. The mat is made from premium nylon material that is filled with a cap that keeps its heat, even when your pet lies on it. The mat is thin with refined embroidery and fine wiring. The cloth itself is sweat absorbent with mesh fabric underneath that keeps cool air traveling through it. It can be used on your couch, their kennel, as a car seat for your dog, or simply on the floor! Keep your pets comfortable with our easy to clean and practical cooling mat!


  • Simple and Practical
  • Can be placed anywhere in your home or even in the car
  • Keeps your pets cool and free of heat


  • Made with premium cooling fabric that does not trap heat
  • Light and cool design with material that absorbs sweat
  • Thin matting that is easy to clean
  • Made with refined embroidery and fine wiring

How to Use: Simply unfold the mat and place it anywhere your pet needs it.

What's Included: One cool mat in the size of your choice.

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