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Pet Food Spoon Scale

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If your four-legged friend is on a diet, then it’s time you get the Pet Food Spoon Scale to make feedings easier! The large spoons are designed to efficiently measure dry food, with the option to use the measurement you are most comfortable with. The spoon is made from high-quality BPA-free plastic and metal that is durable. Although the spoon is designed for pet food, it also has a wide range of applications. You can use it with other types of foods, even to measure water! The spoon scale comes with an HD digital display that makes switching the units easy. The alignment of the metal plant on the handle spoon hole is also removable, making it easy to clean the spoon without getting the handle wet. You won’t find a more convenient food scaler than our premium spoon scale that is easy to use and fully functional. Always make sure you’re feeding your pet the right portions with the pet food spoon scale!


  • Large LED screen displays that make reading ingredients easy
  • The handle spoon is removable making it convenient for cleaning
  • Ergonomic handle with a bottom hook design for easy storage


  • Image stabilization effect is clear
  • Has a wide range of applications
  • Includes a power button and unit conversion key button
  • Measurement until 800g

How To Use: Make sure the handle is connected, add the batteries, and switch it on. The front LCD display has two buttons. One that powers it up and another that allows you to switch to the right units.

What's Included: The Spoon comes with no batteries

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