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Non-slip Double Cat Bowl with Raised Stand

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Get the adorable Double Cat Bowl that comes with a stand that goes well with the two bowls. The cat bowls come in an ergonomic design for your cats. The stand assures your cat won’t lean in too downwards when having their meal. Instead, it makes food and water at a comfortable height. Plus, the bowls come in a 15-degree slant that protects the cat’s cervical spine! You won’t find any other bowl for your pet like this one! Your cats will come to love the aesthetically pleasing bowls that are ideal for both wet food and dry food. After each use, you can separate the bowl and stand for easy cleaning. Making drinking and eating for your cats fun and cozy!


  • Bowls made of eco-friendly plastic
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Easy to clean
  • 15-degree slant designs for comfortable use
  • Suitable for dry food, wet food, water, and milk
  • Bowls come in black, white, or clear


  • Cat will have a better posture while eating.
  • Your cat won't have any neck pain from leaning in too far when eating.
  • Avoids pet vomiting
  • Your cat will be fed and watered comfortably.


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