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    Magic Dryer 2 in 1 Pet Brush and Dryer

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    Magic Dryer 2 in 1 Pet Brush and Dryer

    The Magic Dryer cleans your pet’s hair like a pro! Regardless of whether your pet is shedding or is wet after a bath, the hairbrush knows how to do it all! The handheld 2-in-1 hair remover vacuum is designed intelligently with a gentle yet powerful blowing power for a quick and mess-free drying experience for your pet. The bristles are made of premium material with nubs at the end for gentle grooming.

    Use the hairbrush to effortlessly remove shedding, tangles, knots, or dirt without hurting your furry four-legged child. The Hairbrush and Dryer are ideal for both short hair and long-haired pets.

    The device comes with two heat settings, low and high so you can adjust it depending on your pet’s hair length. If they have lots of hair like a Husky then use the high heat setting, however, if their hair is thin and short, use the low setting.

    Use the innovative tool to not only keep your pets looking great but also giving them a relaxing massage that improves their blood circulation. With only one quick session, your pet will look like he/she just came out of a grooming salon. 


    • Low Noise design that won’t scare your pet when using it
    • Dual-use design- removes loose hair while drying their wet fur
    • Easy to clean afterward with hair filter cover at the bottom
    • 135 degree bending slicker bristles with rounded tips for pet’s sensitive skin
    • Tips of brush increase blood circulation and make pets coat soft and shiny


    • Adjustable temperature design with hot and warm airflow
    • Lightweight handle design with ergonomic handle
    • UK, EU, US Plugs
    • Dimensions: 24cm x 12cm
    • Replaceable brush head
    • Overheat protection - device auto pauses at high temperature
    • 1 year Warranty

    How to Use: Make sure the device is plugged with the head on tightly. Then turn on the power button to start grooming your pets. In the end, twist the bottom to open up the filter and clean the hair out of it.

    What's Included: One Magic Dryer


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