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Automatic Pet Water Fountain

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Keep your pets hydrated with the Automatic Pet Water Fountain! The fountain is designed with stainless steel and resin material that is safe for long-term usage. If you often forget to change your cat or dog’s bowl, then worry no more with our advanced water fountain! It has a 360-degree water flow and filter that ensures the water remains clean and healthy for your furry loved one. The fountain not only ensures clean water is filtered throughout, but it encourages your pet to drink. The waterfall effect it creates from the top of the flower makes drinking from it more interesting than a still water bowl. It has three different flow designs making it easy to decide which one attracts your pet the most.

Cats and Dogs are naturally attracted to water that is always flowing! The amazing water fountain also has a proximity sensor that saves energy! It only turns on when your cat or dog goes near it for a drink. The fountains come with LED lights that make them stand out in any room! So save yourself the time of changing daily bowls of water and keep your furry friends happy and hydrated!


  • Keeps your pets hydrated
  • Encourages every pet to drink
  • Provides fun LED lighting for your pet


  • Contains a triple layer of filtration that keeps hair and harmful chemicals out
  • Emits a low motor sound
  • Has an infrared motion sensor that dispenses water

How to Use: Follow the manual instructions to set up. After it's set up, plug it into your nearest wall outlet. 

What's Included: The Pump, Water Fountain, and Plug to connect to the wall

Optional Items: Replacement Filters

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