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Smart Pet Feeding Bowl

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Your pets deserve the Smart Pet Feeding Bowl! The smart pet bowl keeps track of how much they eat and digitally displays the weight of the food in the bowl. Even if your pets don’t eat it right away, the bowl will keep the food warm, with its constant temperature heating feature! The bowl is made with high-quality material that is durable and long-lasting. Although the smart bowl comes in a minimalistic simple white bowl design, its design is enhanced with a silicone mat placed on the bottom that prevents it from slipping or moving.  You won’t find a more convenient scaler bowl than our premium spoon scale that is easy to use and fully functional. Always make sure you’re feeding your pet the right portions with the pet food spoon scale!


  • 5 Degree top design for easy access to food
  • Smooth surface easy to clean
  • Silicone mat underneath prevents slippage


  • Cute minimalistic white bowl
  • Bowl is constantly heated
  • Digital display of the weight of dry food

How to Use: Place batteries on the bottom of the smart bowl and turn it on. Adjust it to the right units if needed and watch as it measures your pet's food.

What's Included: 1 Smart Pet Feeding Bowl

Notes: Do not allow water to enter the internal circuit or it will damage the internal components.

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