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Shark Dog Safety Life Jacket

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The hilarious Shark Dog Safety Life Jacket is a must-have! The hilarious vest comes with a shark fin at the top, so if your pets go for a swim they might scare the bejezzels out of someone! With a variety of different colors to choose from, the vest is designed as a life jacket. Not only does it keep your dog afloat when out in the water, but it keeps them cool and in style!  It allows them to quickly take a dip into the water with a vest that keeps them afloat and when they get out, it dries easily!  Even if your pet just likes to lounge near the water without actually getting in, the vest is designed to keep them cool and protect them from the sun. Now there are no more excuses for not taking them with you to your next beach day or swimming lesson!


  • Comes with a top handle making it easy to pull them out of water
  • The vest keeps the dog afloat and dries quickly
  • Material is cool, preventing them from overheating in the sun


  • Adorable shark fin design
  • Various sizes included for all types of dogs
  • Made of premium material

How to Use: Simply slide the vest onto your pet and use the bucket at the bottom to adjust it.

What's Included: One vest

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