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    Timed Electric Pet Feeder

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    Timed Electric Pet Feeder

    The Timed Electric Pet Feeder makes feeding easy for both you and your pet! The automatic feeder comes in the shape of a large oval bowl with 6 separate compartments. Fill up each individual compartment with dry food, wet food, and even snacks! The feeder can be timed to open up each compartment every 1, 2, 3, even 8 hours! Each compartment holds about 75 grams of the food. So, if you work outside of the home all day, then this electric pet feeder is a must-have! The feeder plays a catching tune whenever it’s feeding time, letting your four-legged friend that it’s time to eat! 

    The pet feeder is made of premium BPA-free plastic, with a clean minimalistic design that looks great in any kitchen.  The LED digital display that sets up the feeder has a lid that is ferromagnetic making it difficult for your pets to accidentally open the top and mess with the settings. The 6 compartment bowl inside is also detachable, making it easy to wash after every last snack or meal has been consumed by your furry friends. It’s time to upgrade your pet’s dull bowl to an automatic robot that will join them during mealtime!


    • Easy to set up the feeder to dispense food up to 6 times a day
    • The top cannot be opened by pets
    • Compartments are detachable and easy to wash
    • Anti-slip mat


    • Standard 75g serving portion in each compartment
    • Feeder emits a voice feeding call when it’s time for a meal
    • Made of premium BPA-free plastic
    • 3 color options

      How to Use: Add the necessary batteries onto the device and turn it on with the power button located in the center. Once turned on, make the necessary setting adjustments to time when compartments are opened daily.

      What's Included: One Pet Feeder

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