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    Twee Scratcher™ - Cat Scratching Toy

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    Twee Scratcher™ - Cat Scratching Toy

    The Twee Scratcher™  is a scratch-board like cat toy that will make your furry friend go crazy!

    It's flexible and extendable accordion-like structure have magnets on both ends to form a circle!

    It can be stretched, inverted and flipped- there are endless possibilities on how your cat can interact with this toy! 

    Let your baby spend hours of fun & exercise with this toy that went viral on social media!


    • Super easy to assemble and take apart, no tools needed. Can be folded and stored in a drawer.

    • Premium eco-friendly and recycled corrugated cardboard with maximum endurance for durable scratching.

    • Cats can bite, grasp, roll and climb on this cat toy and won't cause skin allergies.

    • Extremely dense gap, sturdy and durable with heavy-duty capacity. 

    How to use: 

    Just connect the two magnetic ends of your Twee Scratcher and put the ball into its walls. Present it to your cat and let the fun begin! 

    Dimensions: 24x24x20 cm

    Material: Corrugated honeycomb paper

    What's included: One Scratching board  + 1 jingle ball 



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